8 thoughts on “Hotspot Shield Crack 10.9.4 [Premium Accounts FREE] 2020 Download

  1. denis

    OMG THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH I REALLY APPRECIATE i want to share it but unfortunalty i dont have any friends to share with 🙁

  2. Matrix501

    hey my friend! No need to contact me with a new vpn license this one works wonderful!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!! I will tell my friends about your site! I was getting very upset nothing was working, then before i left this one showed up so i figured i’d try it because all of the other worked it was just the companies servers the rejected me so i thought maybe if i find one that not too many people have used so i tried this one and everything worked very smooth i followed the direction and it works great i tested it at “what is my ip?” and it shows me on the other side of the world!!!!! LOL!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!

    1. 4HowCrack Post author

      that great news.
      am happy for you 🙂
      please share website with your friend.
      If you need any help just comment I will do my best.

  3. Jaysingh

    After some time internet stops working if VPN is connected. Without VPN connected , internet works

    1. 4HowCrack Post author

      try some of the solutions listed below

      Check your underlying connection
      Connect to a different server location
      Change your VPN protocol
      Change your DNS server configuration
      Uninstall and reinstall VPN


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